Our bond gives us an edge

University of Texas Athletics Photography

In addition to regionals, four players added graduation to the weekend agenda: from left, with women's athletic director Chris Plonsky, Blaire Luna, Taylor Hoagland, Kim Bruins and Torie Schmidt.

What an eventful weekend. Between the graduation festivities, sweeping the NCAA Austin regional, making hilarious Vine videos and improving our hacky-sack skills, there was hardly enough time to sleep.

On Friday morning while everyone else on the team came down to breakfast in their pajamas, Kim Bruins, Blaire Luna, Torie Schmidt and I came down in our high heels with our graduation caps and gowns.

Right before that, though, one of our freshmen, Lindsey Stephens, went to Kim’s room to ask for something, and Kim opened the door in her cap and gown. Without saying anything, Lindsey started crying! If you were there it was pretty hilarious, because nobody except her was emotional quite like that.

Maybe that will give you an idea of how close this team is. No matter if you’re a freshman or senior, everyone loves everyone the same. It’s “for better or worse,” if you will. Feeling this bond of trust throughout this team is something I have never felt in my four years here.

Adopting the mentality of playing for the girl on your right and the girl on your left is what has gotten this team where it is right now. And right now, we are gearing up for super regionals against the Florida State Seminoles.

Speaking of which, who is excited?! As Beth Mowins says, it’s “MAYhem.” But as far as I’m concerned, the only mayhem I’m dealing with is who’s going to be my hotel roommate for the weekend. You never know who you’re going to get, which is fun and scary all at the same time because everyone has her thing.

For example, if you room with Gabby Smith, you will walk around your room feeling as if you’re in a horror movie. Whenever she gets the chance, she will jump out from behind a door, a bed, a shower curtain or literally anything that will hide her, and then scare the living daylights out of you.

If you room with Holly Kern, she will force you to watch “Spice World’’ and turn into a crazy cuddle monster. If you room with Marlee Gabaldon, she will do one of two things: start a pillow fight or ignore your existence entirely until she passes the next level of Candy Crush.

The list could go on and on, but that’s why I love this team. We know all the crazy things we do, and we still love each other. That is the edge this Texas program needs to propel itself deep into the postseason.

That’s why this year, we can’t stop and we won’t stop. Now let’s go win a super regional and take the University of Texas back to Oklahoma City!

Until next time y’all, Hook ‘Em!