White House visit extra special

Visiting the White House was a great way to finally put a cap on our championship from last year! It's kind of tough still talking about last year's title while our current team is struggling with so many injuries, but there's no denying what a great privilege it is to be hosted by the President of the United States!

We had some travel difficulty getting there, with a bunch of flight cancelations due to storms in the D.C. area, and players and coaches split on about four or five flights the following morning. Everyone arrived OK and it really was a great day to spend an afternoon at the White House.

This one was special. It was special because it honored our championship and we got to share the experience with each other -- our teammates and our friends and families.

I have been there a couple of times, but instead of meeting and mingling with prominent people who I was meeting for the first time, this time I got to celebrate with my friends and teammates. It's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go with a team. To be able to share it with my sister (Tauja) and see the excitement on everybody's faces made it so much better for me. It made it more special than any other visit I have made.

It was cool to visit with President Obama again. He is always so positive. We had about five to 10 minutes of casual conversation before we all got staged for the ceremony. Whenever he walks into the room, people just stop and pay attention. He was so gracious to all of us and there was a lot of positive discussion as people got to meet him for the first time. It was cool to see all my teammates get to shake his hand and say hello.

Erin Phillips told him she was from Australia and he said, "G'day!" That made me laugh.

Another light moment was when he came to me and asked me how the season was going. I smiled and said: "Let's talk about last year!" That got everyone around us laughing.

I have obviously been blessed to play this game at this level; and play for so long and have so much success. This championship has been just one example, and obviously capping our championship celebrations with a trip to the White House was icing on the cake.

Now, our team needs to focus on how to win games with so many of our teammates still being out with injuries. My focus is on winning again, and as always, to further the Catch The Stars Foundation.

Maybe I'll make it back to the White House one day. But no matter when and if that happens, with another team or for any other event, this trip will remain special because I got to share it with so many people that are close to me. I'll always remember it for the smiles I got to see on so many faces that mean so much in my life.