Inspiration from Dad

Ivory Latta

Ivory Latta pushes her father to his limits and hasn't treated him differently since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's disease is a disorder of the brain that leads to shaking (tremors) and difficulty with walking, movement and coordination.

My father has Parkinson's.

The journey my father has taken with Parkinson's is one of strength, courage and faith. As Parkinson's was introduced to my family, and as we observe our father, the head of our household, slow motions included small tremors. His definite mobility was slower, and the little things that he used to do were now completed with assistance.

Nevertheless, my father has never complained about Parkinson's. His mentality with the disease is one that refuses to be conquered, one that is persistent on completing his daily tasks, with or without a little tremor. As his daughter, it saddens me to see the changes within my father, but I do not allow him to see the hurt that I have due to the Parkinson's-like observations I've made. I encourage him! I push him to his limits, and I do not treat him any differently since his diagnosis.

My father is a man of faith, and the way he has handled Parkinson's has been inspirational. He has taught me to never let a disease or a label represent who you are or what you've been taught. I love him for that!

Parkinson's has brought us all together. We are more educated on the causes and effects, the different types and the different types of treatments available. My brothers and sisters and I are "aware," which helps ease any form of hesitation or fear.

We really believe that Parkinson's has met its match. Our father is a fighter. Our father has Parkinson's, but the disease does not consume him. We love you, Dad.