Excited for familiar faces

Shane Bevel/Getty Images

Elena Delle Donne is ready to head back to the East Coast to see long-time fans, including sister Lizzie.

Before joining the Chicago Sky I had played my entire career, from middle school to high school, all the way through college in my home state of Delaware. Throughout my years playing basketball in Delaware, I encountered some pretty amazing fans that started following me at the beginning. These fans have continued to support me. Because Delaware is such a small state it was pretty easy for these career-long fans to make it to Ursuline and the University of Delaware to watch my teams play. It was always a truly amazing feeling playing in front of fans that were with me through the exciting wins, heartbreaking losses and the championships. While quite a few loyal Delaware fans have made the long trip out to Chicago this season, some driving over 12 hours, most fans back in Delaware have not been able to make it to my new city. For this reason I am incredibly excited for what the month of July brings!

In the month of July our team will play in New York twice and in Washington D.C. once. Both New York and D.C. are close to Delaware and I am hoping I will have the chance to see some familiar Delaware faces in the crowd! I have already heard from several Delawareans that they plan on making some of these East Coast games. I am unbelievably excited to have the chance to reconnect with some of these diehard, career long fans!

Perhaps the most exciting part about playing so close to home is that my sister, Lizzie, will likely be able to make it to the game in D.C. on July 24th. When I was playing in Delaware Lizzie would make it to as many games as possible and I always LOVED knowing that she was in the building. Since I have moved to Chicago Lizzie has been unable to make it to my games because, due to her disabilities, she is unable to fly. With all that said, I cannot describe how excited I am that she will possibly be in the stands for at least one of my games in July. After all, Lizzie is one of my biggest fans and is certainly the biggest inspirations in my life!

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