Men behaving badly

PARIS -- It's probably too soon to make a solid decision, but the evidence is mounting that the women are behaving much better than the men at the French Open.

There is a list of fines, updated daily and tacked to a wall in the media operations hub of Philippe Chatrier. I have been cruising by to see who is getting in trouble, mainly for my own amusement.

The fines aren't huge, between $500 and $2,000, and most have involved heat-of-the-moment things such as swearing (audible obscenity), chucking or smashing your racket (racket abuse) or flashing the middle finger (visual obscenity).

Two women were fined -- Russians who nobody has ever heard of -- during the qualification round May 23. One for being late; the other for swearing. Total women's fines: $2,800.

Nine men have been fined, starting in qualifying and running through May 29. Again, nobody big-time is on the list -- yet -- and the most common guy crime is racket smashing. Total men's fines: $6,600.

Keep it classy, guys.