Sweet treat for a hot day

Joanne C. Gerstner

The tasty soft-serve sold at Roland Garros has a reputation for being addictive.

PARIS -- I was duly warned, by three people, that the soft-serve ice cream at Roland Garros was dangerous stuff. One taste, and you're hooked.

Ice cream, on any hot day, is always yummy. But this Roland Garros stuff is amazing. I don't even want to know how many calories and grams of fat it has. I don't care. You can have a "single" (small), in a standard sugar cone. Or you can splurge the extra euro and get the "double" (large) in a waffle cone.

The choices are vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. You can mix the vanilla with either other flavor for a twist. Or, if you have a really talented person running the soft-serve machine, they will perfectly coil each flavor, individually, one on top of the other.

It's so good -- creamy, firm and cold, always dispensed in a very straight coil -- never leaning. And the flavors taste natural, not super sugary or fake. I am trying to restrain myself, going for a small, every other day. But it's good. Really, really good.