Two games from a world title

Courtesy of JC Pinheiro

Sarah Bullard and the U.S. lacrosse team have remained undefeated during the Women's Lacrosse World Cup, and are just two games away from a seventh world title.

I'm happy to report that a lot of good things have happened up here at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in Oshawa, Ontario, since my last post!

Most important, we went 4-0 in our pool play over the past week, earning the top seed in the tournament as we head into the championship rounds. Throughout our games against England, Wales, Australia and Canada, we have taken steps forward in different areas of our game, approaching each one highly focused on playing the best lacrosse we can play.

We fittingly played the most complete 60 minutes so far in our final pool game against Canada (a big rival of ours) on Tuesday night. Our transition defense and defensive sets were stifling, limiting a strong offensive team to only two goals.

Sarah Bullard

The U.S. women's team got patriotic in the hallways where they're staying at Durham University in Oshawa, Ontario.

While we didn't play perfectly on the offensive end, our team effort to get the ball back on each set sent a message about the determination and perseverance that our team possesses. We ended up winning 13-2, and carried that enthusiasm into the quarterfinals on Thursday, where we were able to beat the Haudenosaunee and remain the only undefeated team in the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, coach Ricky Fried has compared our team to a bus, gaining momentum with each stop we take. We are proud of how we've played so far and are excited to keep moving forward and improving tomorrow. This next stage of the tournament is what we have been working for -- we're only two games away from a possible world title!

Off the field, we've also had a bit of time off to explore our surroundings. The highlight was a trip to Toronto on Monday that allowed us to check out some of the great sights the city has to offer. Our first stop was the CN Tower, one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world. A 56-second elevator trip zoomed us 346 meters to the top! Midfielder Katie Schwarzmann was the MVP of the excursion, conquering her fear of heights to check out the view up there.

After snapping some pictures and enjoying spectacular views of Lake Ontario, we made our way back down the tower. We then headed over to the Distillery District in historic Old Town Toronto. The cobblestone streets and brick buildings made for a charming atmosphere. We had a great dinner at an active brewery, giving us another opportunity to build our friendships off the field.

The bus ride home was spent guessing which animal each player on the team would be. We had a puppy, dolphin, sheep and lion represented, so I think our pack can take on anything that comes our way with that variety!

More families and friends are beginning to roll in now that pool play is done, adding to our crew of loyal fans up here in Oshawa. We are so appreciative of the support from everyone and can't wait to get back in action in the semifinals on Friday against England.