Gray skies at the French Open

courtesy of Joanne Gerstner

Gray skies and moisture in the air are making the courts play slower at Roland Garros.

PARIS -- It had to happen sometime.

Rain and cool weather have finally hit the French Open, and I have no right to complain. It's in the mid-60s here, with a 60 percent chance of rain Sunday, according to the French weather service.

There have been so many spectacular, warm, blue-sky days here since the tournament started last Sunday, that Im guessing the beautiful manicured gardens in Paris are crying out for the relief.

It rained hard overnight, and we're getting play in on Sunday with a lot of gray, threatening clouds floating overhead. The red clay is definitely playing slower, as the moisture in the air, and obviously on the ground, changes the conditions from hard-baked to a much softer surface. I've got the rain coat and umbrella packed, promise I won't melt if it rains at Roland Garros.