Lovin' life in the league

Chris Marion/Getty Images

Brittney Griner takes photos from the All-Star bench. She couldn't play because of a sparined knee.

One great thing about being in the WNBA is that no day is the same.

Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Griner poses with young fan at All-Star weekend.

Yes, we practice and get treatment usually every day, but there is always something different going on which is something I love. Some days we have an appearance in the community with fans, others maybe it’s just media. Whatever it is, I enjoy doing it all. I’m only halfway through my rookie year but I already feel so honored to be a part of the WNBA on and off the court.

Lately, though, I’ve been sidelined with a mild knee sprain. It has been so frustrating not being able to help my team. But I’ve put in the extra work behind the scenes and expect to be out there on the court. I’m itching to play again. Watching from the sidelines -- even in an exhibition like the All-Star Game -- just isn’t my style.

I want to compete. I want to be out there. I want to help my team win.

Speaking of the All-Star Game, what an amazing experience! Being able to go to my first All-Star Game with my teammate Diana [Taurasi] made it even more special. Diana cracks me up. She’s hilarious and always keeps me on my toes. But more importantly, I continue to learn so much from her about what it means to be a true professional in this league.

Even though I wasn’t able to play, I wanted to make sure I interacted with the fans who have all been so supportive. They were amazing, y’all! One girl even started to cry when I waved to her. I’ll never take that for granted and will always appreciate how great WNBA fans are.

Right now, we’re gearing up for a really important month in August. We have 10 games and seven of those are at home. It’s important for us to protect our home court and make a strong push to the playoffs.

See you on the court! Go Mercury!