Familiar face: McKayla Maroney

Thomas Coex/AFP/GettyImages

McKayla Maroney, 20, has moved on from gymnastics and is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

One year ago today, McKayla Maroney won the silver medal on the vault at the London Olympics. A member of the United States’ Fierce Five that had already won team gold in London, Maroney was considered a lock to win an individual gold on the vault. After wowing the crowd and the judges with her first vault, the reigning world champion’s landing on her second was a bit off, her feet skidded out from underneath her, and she plopped onto the mat. Romania’s Sandra Izbasa took the gold that had seemed earmarked for Maroney. On the podium, Maroney’s face briefly turned into a pout and started the infamous “not impressed” sensation on the internet.