Tulsa 'trauma' builds sisterhood

Shane Bevel/NBAE/Getty Images

Candice Wiggins is averaging 10.2 points per game for the Tulsa Shock.

As my dear friend Elizabeth Cambage would say, the 2013 Tulsa Shock is so vogue.

No, we didn't make the WNBA playoffs. Yes, we are highly disappointed. But the feeling for our team right now is one of tremendous enthusiasm as we reflect on the dynamic and positive energy we brought to the league this season, despite all the negative circumstances we faced day after day, night after night.

They often say trauma bonds people, and the "trauma" this season has inadvertently bonded a group of women to the point of sisterhood. Our locker room is filled with laughter and optimistic joy as we close these last six games and maintain our position as the hardest-playing team in the WNBA. We won't quit because we care about each other too much. Winning always matters to us, even when it doesn't matter in the standings, and that is the testament of a great team. Even though we lost a lot of games, we have so much fun together, and that's the sign of a rare team.

All but one team will eventually lose and be eliminated from the championship quest. The consolation prizes from team to team will vary; but, for our team, the consolation prize is sisterhood.

I believe the Tulsa Shock is hands down the most entertaining team in the WNBA, and that is why I look forward to enjoying this long weekend with my teammates, who are some of the most amazing characters I have ever met. We're kind of like those women in the classic Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"‬ music video; we really just want to have fun, on and off the court, and our energy and passion for life shows.

It's pretty fitting that our team will be relaxing from competition this Labor Day (I believe the official term in professional sports is "gone fishing"). But as this season dwindles down for us, we are beginning to think about the labor that lies ahead, in our collective offseasons and the complete hope of building a greater future, not only for the city of Tulsa, but also the WNBA.

Stay tuned.