A crazy weekend in Baltimore

Courtesy Chris Jones

Cars were flying everywhere at Baltimore, but the track suited Simona de Silvestro, and she ended up with her best finish of the year.

Wow, so I’m just now starting to relax after my crazy weekend in Baltimore. It started early for me this year with a visit to Morgan State University with my sponsor AREVA.

I got to meet the lieutenant governor of Maryland and talk with students and vets about STEM careers. I also went with them to the Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy, where we met with seventh- and eighth-graders to talk about how science, technology, engineering and math are used in racing. Boy, they were a smart group of kids.

Trish Donovan

To top off a wild race, Simona de Silvestro met up with her crew and celebrated her 25th birthday Sunday.

As much as I like to talk to kids about STEM, I couldn’t wait to get on the track. I really love the Baltimore circuit. We expected it to be bumpy, and that’s exactly what it was. Cars were flying everywhere. I didn’t think I got much air, but apparently photos show that I did.

We had some real issues with brakes all weekend and didn’t qualify very well (19th), but the track really suits the way I drive, so I was still excited about the race.

We ended up starting 17th because a couple of cars changed engines. I moved all the way up to 12th by Lap 5 and into 10th by the end of Lap 13. It was fun!

The team did a great job in the pits all day. I got bumped a few times and got stuck in one of the crashes and had to get my front wing changed, but I managed to stay out of trouble after that.

I had some really good restarts and worked my way back through the field to finish fifth. That’s my best finish so far this season. It was a crazy race, but I really had fun.

Oh yeah, it was also my birthday on Sunday. One of my sponsors had a party for me after the race. I got lots of great gifts and really enjoyed myself.

After the party I met up with my crew and had some more fun. We stayed up way later than I normally do on a race weekend, but it was great. I thought turning 25 would be awful, but it turns out it was a pretty good day after all.