Feeling like a true student-athlete

Courtesy Erin Dees

This perch in the library is a good spot to study -- and to gaze out on the soccer fields and dream about big victories.

Hello, soccer people!

There are a few occasions in my life when I truly feel like a student-athlete, the first being when I have to lug around what feels like a million pounds of heavy textbooks on the road.

Often, this requires moving them from my checked bag to my carry-on so my bag is under the 50-pound weight limit. Then, they are in my carry-on and I walk around hunched over so I do not fall over backward, which is always an entertaining sight.

The second occurs when traveling for games causes me to have to make up a test or a quiz at an odd time and in an odd place. My favorite example of this was when a few of my teammates had their test proctored in the McDonald’s of the Philadelphia airport on the way home from Penn State last season.

The third time I truly feel like a student-athlete occurs whenever I step into our school’s library.

My favorite spot in the library is located on the top floor, along a counter, next to an electrical outlet, and in a very comfortable chair. This spot faces east toward giant windows, and on the outside of those windows lie the school’s soccer fields.

From Merlo Field on the far left, to the turf practice field in the middle, to the grass practice field on the far right, it is nearly impossible not to gaze out and daydream about getting back out to play. Some of you may wonder why I would put myself in such a distracting spot to do homework, but to me it’s not distraction, it’s motivation --motivation to finish my paper, or assignment, or studying so I can get back onto the field and do the thing I love.

In that spot, I have had a lot of daydreams of big-time saves or team celebrations after a big win. In that spot, I have also studied for nearly every final and finished more papers than I wish to think about. I have understood what it takes to be a student and an athlete.

Because both season and school are in full swing, my life has been a little busy at times, but the success of my team on the field makes it worth it.

We went 3-1 in the past four games, which brings our overall record to 5-1-1. In the next couple of weekends we will be wrapping up our nonconference schedule with games against San Diego State, Wyoming and Washington. I hope we can continue our success and finish our nonconference schedule strong.