Ready to make new memories

I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of my favorite pictures and memories over the past couple of postseason runs:

David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images

It was an honor to be recognized for my rookie year in front of our home fans at the Target Center. We had an awesome run and my teammates all season long helped me look good enough to earn rookie of the year honors.

David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images

There’s nothing like the jump ball right before Target Center gets going. When we look up in the stands and see all the towels swinging and the fans standing, I get filled with even more anticipation. There’s really nothing like seeing and feeling the energy. All of your senses start to go off when you’re in the arena and the fans get on their feet waiting to erupt after we score our first bucket.

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This is one of my favorites. I’m hugging Seimone Augustus (after the 2011 championship). I don’t think I even gave her a chance to hug me back, I just squeezed her really hard. I was just so proud of her and so happy for her. She got Finals MVP and just really carried us in that playoff run. She was crying, I was getting teary-eyed. I was just really, really excited to be in the moment.

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This was the championship pep rally at the Target Center after the parade in 2011. I decided to give the fans something more to cheer about and my one patented dance move is the "Worm," so I decided to bust it out on that hard stage, which probably was a mistake. I had a few bruises afterward. Taj [McWilliams-Franklin] is acting silly. She’s being the hype woman right there as I’m doing the worm. We’re just celebrating with our fans and really taking in the moment. I could afford to get a few bruises because the season was over, so it was worth it!

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We’re coming back from winning the championship in Atlanta and in the airport in Minnesota. A bunch of our fans and people that supported us all year met us and made us feel so special. They had signs and cameras and just energy to welcome us back as champions for the first time. I just happened to turn and look at one of the cameras that was sticking out from the crowd and they captured a pretty fun moment. Amber [Harris] is signing autographs and Conrad [Smith] has got his championship hat on (he’s right behind me). He was a huge piece of our organization and he’s dearly missed still. He’s very much a part of this championship run that we’re going on right now. We carry him with us every game on our jerseys and in our hearts.

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This is a "Dribble to Stop Diabetes" clinic we participated in at Target Center. We had some great kids of different ages. We had some that were 5 and 6 and were so cute, and then we had some that were teenagers that were getting after it as well. We took an hour or so out of our day to teach some new drills and encourage them to live an active lifestyle and enjoy fitness and exercise. Hopefully we set some great examples for them to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

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This is me and Mama Taj in the back of a convertible after winning the championship in 2011. It was a beautiful day and an unreal turnout by Lynx Nation. I think there were 15,000-plus fans in the streets of Minneapolis. It was amazing. We were just reacting to the moment. Somebody probably started a cheer and we were cheering right back with them.
I definitely miss Taj. She was a huge part of the beginning of my career. Her presence, her experience and most importantly her heart, for both us and the game, was a big part of the foundation of who we continue to be.

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This is an awesome action shot of two fiery players in me and Tamika Catchings, who were both very hungry for a championship at the moment. It’s a really cool shot showing the athleticism of both of us, and how intense we both are. We’re in the middle of the air, [I'm] just trying to make a score and she’s trying to get a stop. You can see the packed Target Center, just all on their feet waiting to see what happens. Just a beautiful picture of where this game is going and the amazing transformation that has taken place in the Twin Cities as far as the excitement around Lynx basketball.

It’s awesome to take a moment to remember where we’ve been and to enjoy the memories that we’ve made here as an organization. There’s still so much future to be written and there are new goals ahead of us that we have yet to complete. These pictures definitely give me new motivation and I’m grateful to remember how much of a blessing it is to be able to work hard and accomplish our goals. No one can take away these pictures and these memories. I am determined even more now to create new ones that lead to these same awesome feelings and sense of accomplishment.