Back in my special place

David Sherman/Getty Images

Winning the WNBA title will be extra special for Maya Moore if she and the Lynx can pull it off at Georgia's Gwinnett Center.

Some people think that there's more pressure playing in front of friends and family members. For me, I embrace the opportunity.

I think it's fun and extremely special to play in a place where I already have incredible basketball memories. There were so many people who watched me in high school and followed my team and my career when it was first getting started. I think it's amazing to get a chance to play in front of them again seven years later, on an even bigger stage.

The WNBA Finals are in the forefront of my mind, and winning my second title is my focus, no question. But, there's no getting around the fact that we're about to play at The Arena at Gwinnett Center, a venue that has hosted some special moments in my life. To me, that arena is synonymous with winning. That's where my Collins High teams defeated rivals like Redan, Stephenson, and South Gwinnett to capture three Georgia state titles.

This time of the year, I won't have time to spend on personal interests when I head back home because there is such a quick turnaround for Game 3. But just getting the chance again to pass through Spaghetti Junction, head up on 85 outside of downtown, and head out to Duluth to get to the Gwinnett Center, it will certainly bring back fond memories of high school, arriving on a school bus at that same venue.

When I first heard that these games would be played at the Gwinnett Center, I just smiled. It couldn't get any closer to home for me. It's literally 20 minutes from where I went to high school. I can still feel the joy of celebrating in the hallways with my high school teammates. It would be an amazing blessing to celebrate a second WNBA title in that same spot in front of so many friends and family -- this time with the Lynx!