Celebrating a bullish day

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With amusing baseball banter and great dialogue throughout, "Bull Durham" is considered one of the best sports movies ever.

Happy birthday, Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh – aka Tim Robbins. The actor who played “Nuke” LaLoosh in the 1988 movie “Bull Durham” turns 55 today. The movie, which appears near the top of pretty much every list of all-time greatest sports movies, starred Robbins as an up-and-coming pitcher; Kevin Costner as Crash Davis, a veteran minor-league catcher; and Susan Sarandon as Annie Savoy, an intelligent and flirtatious diehard fan with a special “interest” in the players. In honor of Robbins, we leave you with this quote from Ebby to mull throughout the day: “A good friend of mine used to say, ‘This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.’ Think about that for a while.”