Playing for more than her team

Jeremy Wu

Emily Young and the USC volleyball team have been wearing pink jerseys in warm-ups during the month of October.

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our team has been and will continue to warm up in pink jerseys throughout October. So many people have been affected or touched by cancer in one way or another. Spreading awareness and helping further the cause for better treatments and cures is especially important to me because of how closely I've been affected by it, so I wanted to share what pink means to me.

Jeremy Wu

Pink shoelaces remind Emily Young what she’s playing for.

Who I Wear My Pink For

There was a lump
In your chest
And in my throat

Doctors said it was breast cancer
I could play volleyball
And you couldn't

And it isn't fair to play without you
We're the same
Why you, not me?

Every day, I tie my pink shoelaces
I put you in my shoes
I play for two

And when I wear our pink jersey
I wish for your strength
Our game is your battle

Then when I look all around
I see pink
And picture you: a warrior

Kelsey, I play for you