How I stay healthy

Courtesy of Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher has concentrated on living a healthy lifestyle more since the birth of her daughter, Zoey.

Balancing the roles of wife, mother and IndyCar team owner is a lot of fun and I enjoy every day of it. But if you ask me how I manage to stay healthy, I must admit, it's beyond tough.

Now don't get me wrong, I think living a healthy lifestyle is very important. If you don't have a certain amount of concern for your well-being, then you're not going to be a motivating contributor. You'll be so tired and worn down at the end of the day that you won't want to get up and do it all again with as much gusto in the morning. We are in a very competitive environment, from every angle of the business, and to win, we have to be smarter and faster.

Courtesy of Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher and her husband, Andy, can say something that will make most other parents envious: Their daughter actually likes peas.

For me, the end of the day can sometimes be the hardest because I'm either celebrating or I've been through the ringer. I've never been a foodie, and most of the time exercise doesn't motivate me, so that alone can make it tough. I'm your typical all-mid-American woman, but I know how being on top of your game, both physically and mentally, gives you an edge. Being a CEO mom, I also know the exact number of sleep hours I need to be at that level. For me, it's six!

When I eat healthier, I definitely feel more balanced. When you intake foods that you know are bad long term, it's a mental fix, and sometimes it's tough to avoid that. With all of the traveling I do, I try my best to stay away from heavy foods and carbs. The Grindell side of my family gene pool, which is my mother's side of the family, certainly doesn't accept carbs well. And, the older I get after having a baby, the harder it is to burn them off.

After Zoey was born two years ago, it made me start thinking twice about what to buy at the grocery store. I've spent more time focusing on improving the quality of what we eat when we're all together. But at the same time, Zoey knows she can have a treat on occasion. It's a challenge, when you only have a small block of time at home, to not just take the easy road or choose carryout. I will say grapes are Zoey's favorite go-to. She also likes string cheese, cut-up watermelon and, believe it or not, peas! As a mom, I will admit that most of my energy toward eating and living healthy is directed at my daughter because my first priority is for her to be well. Fortunately, some of that dedication rubs off on me by default!

With the offseason soon approaching, I'm looking forward to having some time at home and more time to exercise. We're going to work out a plan with one of our sponsors, Community Health Network, to exercise with one of the trainers to jump-start our efforts. The pit crew already works out, but now the rest of us on the team will have a chance to as well. I also love running outside. I love to put the ear buds in and just go. Yes, I know, it's a straight-up Nike commercial!

Trust me, if I can try to eat right, exercise and stay healthy, I know you can!