Happy Halloween!

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Broncos fans got into the Halloween spirit early this year but shied away from the ever-popular (dead or alive) cheerleader costumes.

On this day in history, since 1927, normal people and athletes everywhere have been doling out tricks and treats and dressing up in spooky or hilarious costumes. Like every year since the beginning of time (or something like that), dressing up in sports-related garb is a popular choice this year. But what are the MOST popular sports costumes for 2013? Here’s the top 10, according to online sales at the national chain Spirit.

1. Jackie Moon from “Semi-Pro” (hurry, they're often out of stock!)

2. Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (really, ladies?)

3. NFL player

4. Danica Patrick

5. Dead cheerleader

6. Jeff Gordon

7. Blind referee

8. Boston Celtics cheerleader

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

10. Wild Thing from “Major League”