Seniors have made a huge impact

Kentucky Athletics

After getting spoiled a bit, Kentucky’s seniors -- from left, Kayla King, Caitlin Landis, Danielle Krohn, Ashley VanLandingham and Kacie Kumar -- took care of business in a 3-1 win over LSU.

At the University of Kentucky, we do not believe in the underclassmen serving the seniors. Rather, we see it as the seniors serving the underclassmen. We lead our teams and set an example of what we want and expect of this program.

However, there is one day of the year when we throw all of that out the window and that just so happens to be the day before Senior Day. We have a really cool tradition of splitting into groups for each senior (in this case five). We then organize an assortment of gifts for them and place them in their lockers, which we have decorated. It is always such an emotional time as they first step into that locker room feeling as if it’s Christmas.

This year, we also surprised them with a film made by the team. Different people starred as the five seniors by doing something that is significant to their personalities. It was absolutely hysterical and emotional all in one.

This class of girls has left a huge impact on the program and has shaped us into the team we are today. All the credit for our success is due to the effort they put in when this program struggled. They helped create the family culture that we thrive in today.

There was no doubt in my mind our seniors would lead us to a victory on Senior Day, and we did get a solid 3-1 win over LSU.

To our seniors -- We love you! But this season isn’t over yet. We have so much more to play for.