Back on the field

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Christie Rampone played in both of the USWNT's games against New Zealand this week.

I’m back! Well, sort of. I may not be 100 percent, but coming off surgery, I’m really happy with how my knee is responding. I got in for 12-ish minutes Sunday in the USWNT’s first game of the series against New Zealand. I felt great -- though I’ll admit adrenaline at the end of the game may have played a role.

Wednesday night, I started the game and played a full 45-minute half. My knee didn't feel quite as good with all the high-intensity movements and cutting in, but it was still better than expected. It was a little swollen afterward, but I got ice on it right away in the locker room and made sure to talk to the trainer after the game.

Courtesy Christie Rampone

Christie Rampone's daughter, Reece, dressed up as Princess Sofia for Halloween.

It’s all a process. I have some strengthening to do since my right quad is still smaller than the left, and over the next couple of days, I’m going to work on my explosive power by doing plyometrics and ladder work. My fitness is in a good place; I just have to work on the quick movements. Out there on the field, I felt like my body wasn't doing exactly what I wanted it to do. It’s not far off; I just need to tweak it a bit.

Obviously our team was disappointed not to finish on a stronger note (we tied New Zealand 1-1), but it was a preseason camp for us with three games (four if you count a closed-door one against Australia), and I think our focus was just a little off in the last one. We were traveling to three different locations -- Texas, California and Ohio -- and when the fatigue sets in, it’s tough to be completely fit for 90 minutes. But for this point in the season, I thought the team did well.

Next up, it’s a quick week off before we regroup in Orlando on Nov. 5 for the Nov. 10 game against Brazil. In the meantime, I've got some costumes to attend to. My daughter Rylie got out of school early today to get dressed up for a parade, and then tonight we’ll go trick-or-treating. Rylie is going as Katy Perry and my other daughter, Reece, as Disney’s Princess Sofia. Tomorrow night, my husband and I are hooking up with another couple to dress up as the cast from "The Love Boat" for a party. I’m going to be Julie. Happy Halloween, everyone!