Happy World Kindness Day!

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Back in June, months before World Kindness Day, Knicks forward Metta World Peace spread love by playing basketball with kids in China.

Prepare to be hugged: Today is World Kindness Day! Started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, it is observed by dozens of countries around the world including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. According to the Australian definition of the day, it is to “look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realize we are citizens of the world.” While it is not officially recognized in the United States, various events for the day, like “The Big Hug” and a global flashmob, have taken place in the country over the past several years. Perhaps fittingly, today also happens to be the 34th birthday of aptly-named Knicks forward Metta World Peace.