Grateful to still be playing

Courtesy of Portland Athletics

Portland finished the regular season as co-champions of the WCC and opens NCAA play Saturday against Seattle.

In our last three games in conference, my team went undefeated with wins over Saint Mary’s, San Francisco and conference rival Santa Clara. These results gave us what we needed to come out as co-champions of the WCC, tied with BYU and Santa Clara.

With conference play over, we look toward to the playoffs. We were able to get a No. 3 seed and will play at home Saturday night against Seattle.

Fortunately, my team was one in the field of 64 that has the opportunity to continue our season in the hunt for a national championship. As a senior, this is something I am extremely grateful for.

When I was a freshman, I thought four years was a really long time. Looking back on it now, four years is no time at all. I am sure every senior on every team can attest to how I feel. It seems as if no time has passed at all from when I first stepped onto Merlo Field as a freshman to when I stepped off it this past Saturday after our senior day.

Where did all the time go? After careful thought, I realized exactly where.

All that time has gone into hours on the practice field, running, lifting in the weight room, watching film, rehab in the training room, team meetings and games. But that’s not everywhere it went because, after all, I am a student-athlete. Hours were spent sitting in class, in the library, meeting with professors, group meetings and doing homework.

After thinking about all of that, I realized I forgot all the hours I spent on social media, hanging with friends, playing music, reading and watching shows. Then there’s all the random things I have done in college that also take up time, such as hitting golf balls off the bluff, taking long walks by the river or even getting in the occasional Nerf gun fight.

After all of that analysis, I realized four years is a long time because I did a lot of stuff. But by doing everything I could possibly do and surrounding myself with great people, I made the four years fly by.

It may have taken me four years to learn this, but I realize I want to live a life that flies by. If it feels as if it’s going fast, that means I am happy and having a great time. And what more could I ask for?