Committed to "We'' over "Me''

University of Colorado Athletics

Colorado players have learned to defer credit and put the success of the team first.

Growing up I was always told there is no “I” in team. Here at the University of Colorado, we live by that mentality. We are defining our success as “We” over the idea of “Me.”

Courtesy Arielle Roberson

Each Colorado player created a brick with an inspirational word, and the coach built the bricks into an arch.

With this year’s team, we think in order to be successful, we have to have one mindset. Last week, we signed a covenant. This was composed of five commitment statements. If we do them we have the best chance of being the best overall team possible.

We each showed our commitment by signing the statements, which were pasted on a large brick piece. We also had to come up with one word and create a brick with the word on it. Coach LaTonya Watson took each of our bricks and made an arch.

This strong mentality shows we are united and committed to each other. We want the best for the team and are willing to put the team’s needs before others. We are more than happy to make the extra pass. We are quick to defer the credit and want nothing but success for the team. United we are and will continue to be.

Go Buffs!