Local businesses benefit from tennis

Sandra Harwitt

Local shops on High Street at Wimbeldon decorate with tennis rackets and balls to draw in fans.

There are those that live in Wimbledon that would prefer the world's most prestigious tennis tournament wasn't located in their backyard.

But there are also those who embrace the fame The Championships brings to their little corner of the earth.

The owners of shops and retaurants located along Wimbledon's High Street -- High Street is the English name for the commercial streets in a town -- certainly enjoy the business Wimbledon brings in during the fortnight.

A majority of the businesses consider themselves an extension of the tennis and decorate their windows accordingly with tennis rackets, balls, posters and anything else that says tennis.

Many from the international tennis community stay in the area and others, coming for a day of tennis, will wander up to Wimbledon Village. Dining out on the High Street for breakfast or dinner may offer the added bonus of seeing your favorite player.

Normally, the Monday following the conclusion of Wimbledon tends to find the once bustling High Street very quiet after Wimbledon. This year, however, the tennis decorations will likely stay in place for the Olympic, which will be held at the All England Club in a few weeks.