Excited for Baby No. 2

Courtesy of Infiniti Images

Sarah Fisher said daughter Zoey predicted a baby brother before test results were known.

I'm glad the news that Andy and I are expecting our second "peanut" is finally out! Baby No. 2 definitely brings a roller coaster of feelings and excitement. As a single-child parent there are so many questions, wondering what another life in your family will be like. I'm sure it won't be the breeze that I casually say will fit into our lifestyle, but I'm confident with a little elbow grease that it will again be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Courtesy of Infiniti Images

Sarah Fisher shows a little love for her baby bump.

During the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in November, I found out I had two sacs, which explains why I was waking up feeling like I had just wrecked in the Indy 500. Can you imagine twins? My mom is a twin, so it was very likely we could have twins. The second sac never developed, so there were some complications as a result of that. It's why I wanted to wait until after my first trimester to tell the world our great news. But all is wonderful now, and Peanut is doing great.

June 26 is my due date, which will be a little challenging with the 2014 IndyCar schedule, but at the end of the day we are still very grateful for this blessing. I'm actually looking forward to being close to my due date in May, because we are home for the month and there won't be any flying.

My biggest issue was flying when I was pregnant with Zoey, so I'm actually thinking the timing will work out well. We were at Kentucky Speedway with Ed Carpenter three weeks after Zoey was born, so assuming everything goes well, I certainly will do my best to make as many races as I can.

We just found out the gender through the newest DNA test that can only be taken through the mother's blood. Our smart little Zoey was right: It is the little brother she was so confident it was.

I know balancing my home and work families won't be easy, but the key is prioritizing. I certainly think the opportunity that our co-owner Wink (Hartman) has given our team and his appreciation for family will go a long way when the time comes. Both Wink and his wife, Libba (Hartman), have been very supportive of our family and we can't thank them enough.

As my pregnancy continues to progress and we begin to embark on a new IndyCar season, I'm sure there will be more stories to come.