The gift of family

Courtesy of Brittany Force

A few of the Force family Christmas traditions include spending the holiday at Lake Tahoe, baking cookies and attending the same church Ashley Force got married in.

Even though a Top Fuel dragster in the Force pits is not tradition, Christmastime is one tradition my family always keeps. Every year my family packs their bags and wrapped presents and heads to Lake Tahoe for a winter holiday.

We always go overboard with Christmas by pulling out all the festive trimmings. We decorate a Christmas tree, hang stockings by the chimney, bake in the kitchen and watch our favorite Christmas movies. Mine is "Home Alone." This year, Christmastime seems even more magical with two little kiddos, my nephews Jacob and Noah, laughing and running through the house.

Courtesy of Brittany Force

Brittany Force's nephew Jacob ripped through his presents under the tree and spent the rest of Christmas Day playing with all his toys from Santa.

My family looks forward to Christmas all year long, and we all enjoy being under the same roof to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas Eve my dad sets out to begin his Christmas shopping, while my sisters and I stay in relaxing by the fire and baking cookies. In the evening, we all get ready and go to church together at St. Francis. It's the same church my sister, Ashley, got married in, so is filled with so many great memories for all of us.

After church my family picks up Chinese food to bring home, a Force family tradition. As a little kid we use to do Carl’s Jr. on Christmas Eve, but after getting the wrong happy meal one year and crying over my chicken nuggets we made the switch to family-style Chinese dishes. After dinner, my family exchanges gifts by the tree and enjoys each other's company. This year we ended our night watching Jacob put out cookies for Santa.

The next morning my family cooked breakfast and let Jacob look under the tree to see if Santa made it down our chimney. Jacob ripped through everyone's presents and spent the rest of the day playing with all his race car toys from the North Pole.

In the evening, the entire Force family cooked up a traditional holiday meal. There are always too many people in one kitchen singing holiday songs, but it is always such a great time. With new little faces at the dinner table it is such a blessing to be able to celebrate Christmas all together, as one family.