For the dreamers: Don't give up

Maryland Athletics

A letter from a young girl reminded Chloe Pavlech what drives her, and when she returned to the court, it was with a big smile.

Have you ever had a dream and then questioned yourself along the way? It's so easy to give up. It's even easier to make excuses.

My dream always has been to play for Maryland and to play professionally. I told someone the other day that my other dream was to be a broadcaster and be one of the greatest coaches in women's college basketball. Both are true.

This has been an interesting year for me. I love my team and I love Maryland, but after my concussion in November, I questioned myself and the dream I have had since I was in fifth grade. I've never given up on anything (except for track, but that's a different story, lol). I think we all go through moments like that, when you really wonder if you can dig deep. No matter how much coaches and teammates believe in you, and mine definitely had my back, you have to believe in yourself.

Just when I thought I was content with my mediocre mindset, I received a message from a young girl. She told me that her dream is to be like me and play for Maryland. She told me how hard she's working to accomplish that. I was in fifth grade when I first had the dream that I was going to play for Maryland. That girl brought my dreams back to life. She reminded me what drives me at this level and why I strived so hard to play for an elite program.

I'm doing this for anyone who's ever had a dream but didn't make it a reality. I'm doing this for the dreamers.

We had a two-week break from games for exams and Christmas. We sure did miss each other! We came back right after Christmas and hosted our home tournament against Wofford and the College of Charleston. After sitting out from my concussion, it felt so good to get back out there. I literally had to tell myself during the game to stop smiling so hard.

We took our last trip to Chapel Hill last weekend, and it was one to remember. I can remember us being up by almost 20, but I still never felt like the game was over or that we had won until the clock hit 0:00.

I have to commend our freshmen -- they played at a whole different level. I know when I first played at UNC I was nervous out of my mind, but our freshmen were very poised and didn't play like freshmen at all. UNC is one of my favorite teams to play against, so this win was a little more special than our others.

Our next game is Thursday at home against Wake Forest. We saw them three times last year, and every one was a little different.

The first time, at their place, we had only six players and it came down to the end. It was one of the toughest games I think I’ve ever played in because we didn’t have any subs. A month later, they came to Comcast for Senior Day and we played so well as a team for our seniors. Then, just a week later, we took on Wake in the ACC quarterfinals, and, boy, was it a good one. Alyssa [Thomas] played out of her mind and got the first triple-double in ACC tournament history. I remember hitting a 3 with like 30 seconds to go to take the lead. Great memories!

We love our fans and we love Comcast so we're excited to play back at home.