Harmonious season for Skylar Diggins

Courtesy of Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins says she's fitting in with her new teammates in Tulsa and is learning some new tricks off the court as well.

It's been two months since I last told you how my rookie year is going. I've learned a lot in the WNBA since then. My Tulsa teammates and I are settling into our routines and working together even better on the court. We've been taking what we do in practice and making it jell during games. We've also had to overcome many injuries and are finally feeling healthy.

Luckily (or stubbornly), I've missed only one game. In college I never missed a game. I had great trainers at Notre Dame who kept me healthy. It's nice to come into the WNBA without any nagging injuries. Of course, I wasn't happy when I was told that an ankle injury would take me out for two full weeks. After five days away from practice and that one game I had to sit out, I was back in the mix. When we're all healthy, we're able to play the way we know we can.

My teammates and I get along really well. We like to spend time together off the court, too. Take Liz [Cambage], who is a huge target out there and such a good athlete. She's cool off the court as well. It's not like we're all crazy when we're not playing. In fact, we're very different off the court, and there are families and kids involved, but it all works for us when we hang out.

It's cool to be getting so much attention out here. There's more TV coverage, and our fans are the best in the world. Tulsa fans are so loyal, too. Those of us who came straight from college ball, like Brittney [Griner] and Elena [Delle Donne] and I, we're just capitalizing on our popularity. I mean, I played for Notre Dame right in my own backyard, and I was blessed to make those Final Four appearances. We were lucky to get attention and coverage then. I was set up to shine. Now with those fans, all the Tulsa fans, and things like Twitter, it's only getting better.

I definitely look forward to visits from my family. I got to see my mom and everybody just a few weeks ago. Before that, we all took a vacation down to Miami for the Fourth of July. I hadn't taken a family vacation in a long time, and my family is so busy that it was great to relax on the beach together.

I've been testing out new things now that I have free time in Tulsa. I bought a keyboard at Best Buy the other day, and I've been playing it a lot. I'm also cooking, which I never did in college. I'm trying to eat better, and I'm proud of myself when I make something healthy. I've gotten good at tacos, and there are about five different things in my cooking rotation.

I think about going for my MBA. This is the first time I haven't been in class in my life, and I definitely have enough free time to do something else. I want to be proactive and maybe take classes online. Graduating from Notre Dame, from the business school, was such an honor. Being able to say you have your MBA is something else that's impressive. I'm taking it one day at a time.

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