Skylar Diggins homing in on fall

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Skylar Diggins is looking forward to spending the fall in South Bend and cheering on the Notre Dame football team.

I am such a family girl. I love to have familiar faces around me, so it's good when my family comes to visit here in Tulsa.

I'm expecting a few visitors before I leave. In fact, my grandparents (on my dad's side) just came in from Florida. They got to see me play two games here, so that was exciting. We spent all our time together -- I didn't leave their sight!

My grandmother makes great meals, and she went wild in my kitchen. It's brand new, so she christened it with all my favorite foods. She makes the best peanut butter cookies, so that was my first request. And her breakfasts are the best -- they take me back to being a kid.

I miss my grandparents' presence when they're not here, so I took in every second with them. It won't be long before the season is over and I go home. We have just six games left. And there are so many things I want to do after this. I won't be going overseas right away, at least not this year. This will be my first season not playing basketball and not in college, so I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!

I'll visit my friends and my guy back at Notre Dame, and while they have class and practice, I'll be free from those things. That's going to feel strange. But I have to go back -- I can't wait to go back! -- for football season. I just became a big football fan, and since I grew up in South Bend, it's about time! I guess I'd taken all those games and the excitement of the season for granted when I went there.

I'm excited to see all the familiar faces and Coach [Muffet] McGraw. She came to see me earlier in the season, and it's my time to go home and cheer for them. I don't know where I'll be in the long run, but home feels like the right place right now. New opportunities are always coming up. I'll have to figure out my next move as it happens.

I've spent a lot of my free time here with kids. My stepdad was the director of recreational centers back in South Bend, so we always had kids around us. He taught me to give back -- we share that passion with each other. I've talked to kids here in Tulsa, and that sort of thing can change a life. I've had speaking engagements where I talk hoops and school, and I've volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club. There's nothing that compares to making a difference for kids. You have to become part of the community where you live, and I've been doing that here.

I can't believe the summer is gone. I love the water, the sun-kissed tone of my skin, and the pool! I think I told you that I got some pool time this summer, but it's almost over. This fall means change and new beginnings. I have to say goodbye to summer and to this blog, but there's more to come. I just have to figure out what's next.

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