Phenom Sam Gordon Set To Star In First Girls Tackle Football League

Rejoice, America! Your favorite 12-year-old is back again, and this time she's not alone. Sam Gordon -- the sixth-grade football sensation who has been proving that girls can play football for years now -- is now a founding member of the Utah Girls Tackle Football League.

Yes, the girls tackle league. It is the first of its kind in the country and has 50 players in fifth- and sixth-grade making up four teams. They will play a three-game schedule this season, with hopes of a longer season in the near future. In a news release, league president Crystal Sacco said "the league was created in response to a high demand from the girls to play the sport in a league of their own" and that it "reached its maximum participants within five days of the announcement."

The first games are on Saturday, and it seems the girls are all ready to go, if a picture from Sam Gordon's Instagram is any indication.

Practice for the first ever all girls tackle football league! We get our pads today- let the hitting begin!

A photo posted by Sam Gordon (@sam_gordon6) on

And if you, or your grumpy uncle, are still all like, "But, girls can't play football!" please take a moment to watch this old highlight reel of Gordon's. It might make you rethink that position.


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