Serena Williams Starts Her Own Selfie Challenge At Star-Studded Nike Event

It was a virtual Who's Who of tennis royalty on Monday night as Nike assembled its current roster of stars for an event in New York.

Everyone from Serena Williams to Maria Sharapova to Roger Federer to Andre Agassi to Pete Sampras was in attendance. Sharapova shared a picture of the entire gang together, and in her very true words, only Nike could make this kind of moment happen.

Can I get a #SQUADGOALS right now?

However, not content with some boring New York cab group photo, Serena made it her mission to get selfies with all of the athletes in attendance. A small sampling of her impressive efforts is below.

According to Serena, the only people she missed out on were Eugenie Bouchard, John McEnroe and -- SHOCKER! -- Grigor Dimitrov and Sharapova. Can't imagine why she couldn't get those last two.

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