Cash Queen: US Open Women's Final Sells Out Before Men's Final

Serena Williams is currently the most bankable athlete in sports. Walk past any magazine stand and she's impossible to miss. This week alone, she debuted as the cover girl of The New York Times Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

And let's not forget her awe-inspiring New York Magazine shot from earlier this month.

Also, just today, almost every celebrity alive spoke of her awesomeness in a Chase promotional video, proving game truly recognizes game.

But this little factoid from ESPN's sports business journalist Darren Rovell is the money tweet:

Sure, Williams' name isn't specifically mentioned in Rovell's tweet, but if you've been following sports over the past year or so, it's pretty safe to assume that the fact that Serena is on the verge of a super important and historic US Open run is the reason tickets for the women's final are already gone.

Expectations are high for the No. 1 women's tennis player in the world. After all, she's looking to accomplish some insane feats: win #backtobacktoback US Open titles; tack on another win to this year's #SerenaSlam; mark her first career Grand Slam in a calendar year; and most specifically, rewrite history books by tying the legendary Steffi Graf with 22 Grand Slam titles -- the most in the Open Era.

Of course we, and the thousands of fans who have already spent cash on tickets to the women's final, know nothing is guaranteed. But if any athlete is worth betting on, it's Williams. Her record of 5-0 in Grand Slam titles, dating back to the 2014 US Open, kind of speaks for her dominance and willingness to win. She's as clutch as they come.

But even if Williams' historic bid ends prematurely, she's already proven victorious by doing something no other female tennis player has been able to do in the history of the US Open: create enough buzz to outsell the men's final before the tournament officially begins.

Just another demonstration that girls do, indeed, run the world.

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