Megan Rapinoe Honored With A Corn Maze In The Shape Of Her Face

Winning a World Cup title and an Olympic gold medal are nice, and getting a parade in front of hundreds of thousands of fans is cool, but how do you know you've REALLY made it?

When you get a corn maze shaped like your face, of course. Just ask Megan Rapinoe.

Hawes Farm in Anderson, California, transformed its annual corn maze into the shape of the U.S. soccer star's face. Nikola Hawes told local television station KRCRTV that the decision to honor Rapinoe was a "no-brainer" after watching her win the World Cup. The move has clearly been a good one from a business standpoint.

"This year with having Megan in our maze, that's definitely brought out a new group of people that might not have thought about coming out before to walk through Megan's face," she said.

While Rapinoe sadly can't see it for herself, she did send a video thanking the farm for the tribute.

You should probably just check the video of the maze out already. It's truly a sight to behold.

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