How Jack Sock Already Locked Up Tennis' Sportsmanship Award

During Lleyton Hewitt's and Jack Sock's match, Hewitt's serve is ruled out. However, Sock shows good sportsmanship when he suggests Hewitt should challenge the call. He did and he won the challenge.

Looking to have a feel-good moment today? If you said yes, please turn your attention to the Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia. American Jack Sock was locked in a fierce battle in the first set with Aussie legend and soon-to-be-retired Lleyton Hewitt.

Hewitt, who will be hanging up his racket after the Australian Open, was down 4-5 in the first set when his first serve was called out after speeding by Sock. And while that's pretty normal tennis stuff, it's what happened next that will make you smile (or scratch your head in sheer bewilderment).

As Hewitt prepared to hit his second serve, Sock called out to him and said, "That was in if you want to challenge it."

Read that again -- Sock, Hewitt's opponent, told him to challenge the "out" call.

Hewitt was clearly shocked by Sock's words and incredible sportsmanship but ultimately challenged the ruling. After a few moments, replay showed the ball had indeed landed on the line, much to the delight of the Aussie crowd.

Hewitt went on to win the match, 7-5, 6-4, but both men clearly were winners.

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