Utah Gymnastics Has Too Many Fans. Yes, This Is A Real Problem

In the latest there-could-be-worse-problems-to-have news, the Utah gymnastics team is trying to figure out what to do about having too many fans.

I told you there are worse problems to have.

The legendary program has averaged more than 14,000 fans per meet during the past six seasons, and last week the team drew 15,500 against Oregon State, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. There were even more spectators trying to get in, but the fire marshal had to start turning fans away, according to the report.

The team is now trying to figure out how to handle the attendance issue in a way that doesn't alienate its core fans. Recognizing its appeal to families, head coach Megan Marsden told the newspaper she was not interested in raising ticket prices. "I would fight that tooth and nail," she said.

"One of our best marketing tools is that we are one of the best shows in town but we don't cost that much," she told the newspaper.

And if by now you're wondering what's so amazing about a Utes meet, you should probably just watch this video from the team's win over the Beavers in front of the packed crowd. It will all make sense in about two minutes.

Yup, I get it. Looks like a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon to me.

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