Despite Pesky Super Bowl Commitments, Ron Rivera Cheers On Cal Women's Hoops

In case you've been living under a rock that doesn't get a WiFi or data signal, you are more than well aware that it's Super Bowl week. So obviously Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera has a lot to do before Sunday's big game.

However, that pesky little work thing isn't getting in his way of having some fun in the Bay Area. On Tuesday night, Rivera, a Cal alumnus, found time to cheer for his alma mater as the women's basketball team's took on Stanford. Despite the game being at Stanford, he proudly rocked his Cal gear and cheered for the visiting team.

And, despite the Bears' 53-46 loss, the fun didn't stop there. After the game, Rivera led the school's pep band in song outside. No big deal or anything.

No word if Cal won the impromptu battle of the bands, but, unless Richard Sherman decided to stop by, it's hard to think Stanford had a better leader for the competition.

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