Gevvy gets in the ring

Gevrina Seferaj works as the "Nike Field Reporter," a position that has her travelling the globe to report on and interview some of the world's best female athletes.

When I was in Portland for a campaign called "Voice of the Athlete," hosted by professional softball player Jessica Mendoza, I met three female fighters who were extremely intimidating but also sweet as pie. Two were U.S. taekwondo fighters and the other was a U.S. boxer with a lot of heart.

Meeting them for the first time, I could not believe they were fighters! Frankly, I was a little surprised. I guess that's what people must have thought when I said I was on the rowing team back in the day.

They all seemed too nice to want to kick butt. So where do they find this hard-core, bad-to-the bone attitude? I want to be able to kick some butt, but I'm too much of scaredy cat to put some gloves on, get in the ring and box against Marlen Esparza, the female boxer I would box with because we would be in the same weight class.

Marlen's preparation before her matches is right on point, "I train thinking I'm the best and there's no one else better than me." Her philosophy is so right on. that in fact she is the best and is currently undefeated. You go girl! Big things are going to come from this gal.

Nia Abdallah, a 2004 silver medalist, is a fighter that has spunk to entertain you for days. She's also a mommy. How many moms do you know are out there saving the world? Well Nia is and loves every minute of it. Her twitter will also entertain you. I really loved how supportive she was of everyone's goals and aspirations. She is definitely someone you might reach out to when you're having one of those tough days training.

Charlotte Craig won a bronze medal at the 2007 world championships and is an Orange County (Calif.) native from my neck of the woods. She totally threw me off when she told me she was a fighter. I immediately would have guessed a dancer. Taekwondo is an art form and the movement is actually similar to dancing just way more intense.

Meeting these women gave me a different perspective on how I view the game. I noticed that I become more interested in a sport when I meet someone that plays it. If you too are interested in boxing or taekwondo make sure you try it out.

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