Director's diary 3: Meet the team behind 'Run Mama Run'

With 4 months until the Trials, Sarah pushes to get her body physically ready after giving birth.

"Run Mama Run" is a film series created for the espnW Film Fellowship, presented by Walmart. Filmmaker Daniele Anastasion was chosen for her documentary series about elite runner Sarah Brown, who was training to make the 2016 U.S. Olympic track team while pregnant. The film will be presented as a five-episode digital series in Summer 2016.

Filmmaking is a team sport, and over the last six months, I got to bring together some of the most talented people I know to help make this series. Here's a behind the scenes look at the hard-working team behind "Run Mama Run."

Cinematographer Nathan Golon

Daniel Zevallos

I'm always looking for ways to elevate a story through epic, cinematic images. However, if you push "cinematic" too far in documentary work, it can sometimes make things feel too polished and unreal. It's equally important to capture raw moments as they unfold. There are few people I trust more to balance these needs than the talented Nathan Golon, a longtime collaborator and friend. For this project, Nathan shot on the Canon C300 Mark II.

The braintrust

Shane Alcock

Nothing gets done without producer Patrick White and production manager Elyse Kelly of GoodFight Media. From budgets to schedules to late-night sugar runs -- they are miracle workers who can turn the most far-fetched ideas into reality.

Editor Matt Cascella

Daniele Anastasion

Matt Cascella has watched every single frame of footage that we've shot for this series -- so far, that's 48 hours, 36 minutes, seven seconds and 11 frames. It takes an especially talented person to sift through that much material and find those small human moments that reveal the essence of a story.

Composers Brooke Blair and Will Blair

Justin Clowes

The Blair brothers take every cut that I send them and always manage to make it better. They're gifted at making you feel layers of emotion without telling you exactly what you should feel. I'm ridiculously proud to have their music in this series.

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