Carli Lloyd wants Melissa McCarthy over for dinner (and more fun facts on the USWNT star)

AP Photo/Eugenio Savio

U.S. women's national team star Carli Lloyd was at ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, Wednesday to promote her new book "When Nobody Was Watching: My Hard-Fought Journey to the Top of the Soccer World." espnW asked the team's No. 10 and captain 10 things we didn't know about her. We learned a lot. This has been edited for length.

1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Relentless. But if you asked my fiance, he might say "crazy."

2. What is the song you can't stop listening to right now? "Still Falling for You" by Ellie Goulding.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix? "Narcos," Season 2. I just finished "The Night Of" on HBO.

4. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? "For Love of the Game." Kevin Costner. I cried.

5. What is one thing you've never done before that might surprise people? I can't wink.

6. What is your go-to karaoke song? I can tell you the last one I did. "Like a Virgin" by Madonna.

7. If you could have any three celebrities over for dinner, living or deceased, who would they be? Melissa McCarthy, Jason Day and Zach Galifianakis.

8. What was your AIM screen name? Pita10CL

9. If you weren't a professional athlete, what would your occupation be? An FBI agent. I love uncovering things. I like the investigation.

10. What's been your favorite fan moment or interaction? I went to Whole Foods after practice once, and our practice jerseys have our numbers on them. A guy asked me, "Are you a big [Lionel] Messi fan? I could tell by the number." I told him it was my number too. He had no idea who I was.

Also, I sat next to someone on a plane who was telling me, "There's a really good soccer player from New Jersey -- one of the best in the world." He kept describing me to me and had no clue. I told him, "I think that's me..." Then he took a bunch of selfies of us. 

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