Exclusive book excerpt: 'From the Court to the Boardroom' by Lisa Leslie and Bridgette Chambers

Courtesy of Morgan James Publishing

In "From the Court to the Boardroom," Hall of Famer Lisa Leslie and award-winning CEO Bridgette Chambers instruct readers on how to reignite their passion and competitive spirit.

Excerpt "From the Court to the Boardroom" by Lisa Leslie and Bridgette Chambers, with the foreword by Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Used by permission of Morgan James Publishing.

From the "Re-ignite. Rise. Reach." section:

Viewed from the outside, winning a match and achieving success in business may look totally different from each other. Participants in the two endeavors wear different uniforms, have different ways of keeping score, listen to different buzzers, and play by radically different rules -- but they have more in common than most people believe. Successful athletics and successful business practice share an underlying set of basic principles.

In our thousands of hours of practice and competition, we absorbed these principles into the very fibers of our being.

You did, too, didn't you?

Were you a club gymnast, a high school miler, a college football player, or any other sort of athlete? Did you go pro and play at the highest level your sport has to offer? Did you have one of the great experiences any young person can have: To play under the mentorship of a great coach?

If you are one of the fortunate women or men who can answer yes to those questions, then those principles are still part of you -- maybe buried deep, maybe barely recollected, but definitely still there -- ready to serve you incredibly well in your life, in your personal and working relationships, and, especially, in your business career.

These principles are in you, possibly at a below-conscious level, just waiting to be identified, recognized, revived, sharpened, and turned to new uses.

Those principles are what "From the Court to the Boardroom" is all about.

In this book, we have three goals. We call them our Three Rs.

1. We encourage you to RE-IGNITE the passion, intensity, and focus you knew in your athletic years.

2. We encourage you to RISE to meet the challenges of a successful business career.

3. We encourage you to REACH beyond your own accomplishments in order to have a broad, widening, positive impact.

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