Jessica Jones is a different kind of superhero

Courtesy of Netflix

Season 2 of "Jessica Jones" premieres on Thursday.

Marvel's "Jessica Jones" is back and bolder than ever. espnW caught up with the cast of the Netflix original series, which returns for season 2 on Thursday, to discuss how the show has reimagined the traditional superhero concept and what superpowers they wish they had.

espnW: How does "Jessica Jones" reimagine the superhero concept?

Krysten Ritter (plays Jessica Jones): Jessica breaks all of the molds of what we've come to expect from superheroes. She doesn't wear a costume. There are also very explicit sex scenes. This is a different kind of superhero.

Wil Traval (plays Will Simpson): There is a level of authenticity which you sometimes miss out on when superheroes become too fantastic. There's that gritty realness to it, which I think we also get in "Luke Cage" and in "Daredevil" as well. This version of the Netflix superhero has dirt under their fingernails.

Janet McTeer (plays Alisa Jones): She is more dark and normal. Her problems are real. The line between her superpowers and her super problems is very smudgy.

J.R. Ramirez (plays Oscar Arocho): To be able to be on a [superhero] show, where we have 13 female directors, a woman showrunner and woman protagonist -- that's badass. Especially in a time like this.

espnW: If you were a superhero in real life, what superpower would you want?

Krysten Ritter: I would love mind control. I wouldn't abuse it, but it might come in handy. If there's a long line at the bank, I could tell everyone to move.

Wil Traval: When I was a kid I wanted to interpret and speak every language. Then I realized that's just the [job] of an interpreter and not a superpower. Time travel would be great, though.

Janet McTeer: I would be able to go from one place to another [in an instant], because I spend my entire life on planes, and that's hard. I spend a lot of time away from my family. I would like to go home every night. And I would like a superpower to remember everyone's names. I can barely remember my own. And then I would like another superpower to make my dog live forever.

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