Book excerpt -- 'The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey' by Amanda Ottaway

Rebecca Gibian

Amanda Ottaway, who played at Davidson College, explores life as a women's college basketball player in "The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey."

Excerpted from "The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey" by Amanda Ottaway by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. ©2018 by Amanda Ottaway.

It was a Monday night in Baker Sports Complex when we got back from the Wofford game, and no one was around. As we talked we grew more and more frustrated. We started alternately yelling and shushing each other, in case anybody walked down the hall past our team room. Around ten we decided to go to Waffle House. It would be a safer space for venting and, plus, waffles. We were also currently breaking one of the rules in our team handbook: "Players should not be in the arena or the locker room at night alone."

"Also, what the f--- is with this home-game curfew?" I asked as we gathered our keys and slipped back into our sneakers. "We have to be in our rooms by eleven the night before a home game? Do they not understand how much homework we have? What if we're in a group meeting or study session? Literally, the other night I was at this meeting for FreeWord in the union, and I had to leave early and Skype in from my apartment because of curfew. Like, I am the vice president of that organization, and I had to go home to bed like a small child. It's bad enough we're out of town half the time. How is anybody supposed to take us seriously?"

"I really don't think the coaches understand."

"You know what else pisses me off? When they make us stay like an hour after practice for film when they haven't put it on the schedule." We also sometimes had to meet in small groups of teammates to watch game film on our own time. I was extra annoyed by that time commitment.

"You put it on the schedule, fine. But I'm busy. I plan out my days. I make other commitments. What if I have to meet a study group or a professor or something? Like, basketball is not the only thing I'm doing here."

"What if I need to print something out after eleven., and I'm not allowed to leave my room because of curfew? Eleven is two hours before the library even closes. Eleven is, like, early evening, Davidson time. Nobody here goes to bed at eleven."

"The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey" was released on March 1. 

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