Robin Roberts shares her incredible words of wisdom

GMA host Robin Roberts tells a story about how her producer notified her about the lipstick on her teeth while she interviewed President Barack Obama.

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Robin Roberts gave the keynote address on the second night of the espnW: Women + Sports Summit. And while there's been no shortage of motivation this week, the "Good Morning America" co-anchor and former "SportsCenter" host captivated the audience with her incredible reflections on life, career and her public health struggles.

Below are some of her most inspirational quotes from Friday evening. Feel free to print these out and post them all over your home and office.

1. "Proximity is power."

As a college student at Southeastern Louisiana University, Roberts acted as the DJ and sports director at a local country music radio station. The position gave her the confidence to pursue her long-term goal of working for ESPN.

2. "Dream big, but focus on the small."

On Roberts' road to ESPN, she embraced the journey and focused on the opportunities that would ultimately help her get there.

3. "When you strut, you stumble."

Roberts hilariously recounted a note from her producer, that was discreetly given to her while interviewing President Barack Obama for "Good Morning America," which she thought would offer praise for her interview. Instead, it read: "You have lipstick on your teeth."

4. "Make your mess your message."

After publicly crying while covering the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, Roberts' mother told her to use and share her struggles as a form of motivation.

5. "Right foot. Left foot. Breathe."

Sharing a mantra from her longtime friend Pat Summitt, Roberts said she frequently referenced this belief during her two bouts with cancer.

6. "Optimism is a muscle that gets stronger with use."

Roberts cited a positive attitude for helping her get through her toughest moments, both personally and professionally.

7. "Success leaves clues."

When asked about advice she would give to up-and-coming journalists, Roberts suggested that people try to learn as much as they can from mentors.

8. "No is a complete sentence."

Discussing the pressure of constantly being asked to do things, Roberts reminded the crowd of the power of the word "no," and the need to confidently use it.

9. "God's delays are not his denials."

Roberts stressed the importance of patience and determination when working towards one's dreams.

10. "You can have it all, but not all at the same time."

While Roberts encouraged everyone to aim high and aspire to achieve their dreams, she reminded the crowd that it may not be all at once ... but it was possible.

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