If You Watch Just One 'Promposal' Video This Year, This Has To Be It

If you're looking to have your faith in humanity restored or just need a feel-good story to get you through the week, allow me to introduce you to 17-year-old Mikal Bartosik.

A video of the Park Vista High School (Lake Worth, Florida) senior's "promposal" is going viral and for all the right reasons. The track star and cheerleader, who will be attending her third prom this year, invited Jonathan, her 18-year-old friend who is on the autism spectrum, to the big dance. Bartosik walked into his classroom last month and surprised him with a cookie cake that had "Will you go to prom with me?" written in icing on it.

Jonathan was thrilled by the question, and he can be seen jumping up and down. Bartosik eventually says, "So does that mean yes?" but you probably won't be able to hear it because you'll be crying with joy at that point in the video.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the two became friends last year after Bartosik starting eating lunch with a group of students with special needs. 

Knowing how badly Jonathan wanted to go to prom this year, Bartosik hatched the plan and thinks the April dance will be her "most special prom."

I think it will be a pretty special prom for Jonathan and everyone else in attendance as well, Mikal. Keep being the amazing person you are!

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