Stony Brook's Kylie Ohlmiller is a human highlight reel

Stony Brook is the eighth-ranked women's lacrosse team in the country thanks in part to sophomore Kylie Ohlmiller scoring some tremendous goals.

Ohlmiller, who was named America East Rookie of the Year last season, has mastered the art of the behind-the-back goal. Plus, she and teammate Taylor Ranftle showed off some trickery in the Seawolves' last game on Saturday.

Stony Brook women's lacrosse player Kylie Ohlmiller scores two behind-the-back goals and fakes a pass for a goal in games against Jacksonville, Vermont and Stanford.

Stony Brook has won each of its last three games by double figures. Ohlmiller has recorded 15 goals over those past three games. In each game, Ohlmiller has a highlight-reel goal.

Coincidence? Probably not.

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