Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are having the best time ever at the Olympics

Sure, Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky might be dominating their competition, but no one is winning in Rio quite like Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. The former figure skaters-turned-NBC commentators are living it up and providing one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts from the Olympics.

Showing off their swimming skills and impressions? CHECK.

�������������������� @taralipinski @johnnygweir @nbcolympics

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Performing their best gymnastics routine? YOU KNOW IT.

Gymnastics is our Summer Olympic heart song. @taralipinski @johnnygweir @nbcolympics

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Working out (in hilarious fashion)? YES. YES. YES.

Mommy x. Exercise

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Embracing the local culture with some Samba dancing? OBVIOUSLY.

Memoirs of a samba dancer �������� @taralipinski @johnnygweir

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Are these two THE BEST? You don't actually have to answer.

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