Jimmy Butler, DeAndre Jordan and Kyrie Irving love the U.S. women's team as much as you do

We all know the U.S. women's basketball team is amazing, but it seems no one loves them more than the men's squad. I mean, they are sharing a cruise boat in Rio, after all.

Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan filmed a video professing their admiration for the team, and Jordan tried to determine exactly which player he most plays like. From Sue Bird to Breanna Stewart to Brittney Griner, the two weigh in on his game and how it stacks up.

Spoiler alert: Butler wants to be like Sue! JOIN THE CLUB, JIMMY.

While Butler and Jordan took a funny route, Cavs star Kyrie Irving weighed in on the women's team as well, and took a more serious approach. Praising their "unique style," Irving is apparently trying to learn as much as he can from his female peers and pick their brains during their time together.

Real recognizes real. And that, world, is why USA Basketball is the best in the sport in both the men's and women's game.

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