Dad goes above and beyond to put 5-year-old daughter on course to be the next Jessie Graff

Aspiring "American Ninja Warrior" Lylah MacCall wants to be the next Jessie Graff. Her dad, not one to stand in the way of his daughter's dreams, built an incredible replica outdoor course -- from scratch.

The course is nothing short of astounding, and it includes mini-obstacles like quintuple steps, the warped wall and even a zip line. A standing-room only crowd of stuffed animals turned out to cheer her on. Lylah, who is just 5, dominates -- running through the course, which surely took an eternity to build, in under three minutes. 

The video has since been reposted by the "American Ninja Warrior" Facebook page and has received more than 23 million views in 20 hours.

Someone give this man the Dad of the Year award, stat.

Sean Hurd is a digital media associate for ESPN. Follow him @seanahurd

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