Ronda Rousey stars as legendary 19th-century bouncer Gallus Mag on 'Drunk History'

With her return to the Octagon just a few months away, Ronda Rousey is slowly but surely reclaiming her spot in the entertainment world as well.

The former UFC bantamweight champion appears on the latest episode of Comedy Central's hilarious "Drunk History." Rousey is featured as a badass bouncer from mid-19th century New York known as Gallus Mag. Appearing alongside Kat Dennings, who plays Sadie "The Goat" Farrell, the two perfectly re-create -- what else? -- a fight scene between the two legendary figures.

If you're not already sold on pressing play, please know that Gallus Mag bites off Farrell's ear. You really should just watch already.

Warning: As one might imagine on a show called "Drunk History," there is some questionable language. Watch at your own discretion.

Welcome back, Ronda. We've missed seeing you everywhere the past 11 months.

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